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Innovative Mining Project Financing Partners in Africa


We firmly believe if you keep on focusing with negative criticism on the historical past of our beloved Country, you will not have the courage to step into the shoes to continue the long walk to freedom, with freedom comes many challenges and freedom can be quantified in so many categories but one thing remain certain, if you have the courage to make a contribution to better the lives and conditions of our People you secure the freedom of the next Generations to have a better life.

We believe that this is possible and to maintain Investors confidence in South Africa, this will mean that SA Business, Investors and International Investors in our Country must understand that a new Vision to transform the SA Mining Industry to enhance Black Ownership can only be achieved through unity, courage, co-operation, mutual understanding that resistance towards this goal have sometimes a bigger agenda fueled by greed. The South African Mining Industry is standing before a new dawn, it is important to ensure that Black Owners of Mineral Rights is given more access to financing and address inequalities that knock on our doors, it is simply a fact that Black Owned Junior and Emerging Mining Companies still find it very difficult to participate in the countries mineral wealth and although it remains a challenge we believe Nothing is Impossible until it is done! … (Nelson Mandela).

Every Role Player from the major Mining Houses, Financial Institutions to the Junior Miners have a responsibility as a united Team to contribute and be innovate to ensure that Black Owners of DMR Rights can own and participate in the Mining Industry, this will sustain and improve our Economy, support the SA Government National Development Plan to create more Jobs, so many Black Owners of DMR Rights got caught in transactions with Investors, Foreign Owned Companies and SA Companies that have exploited the original Owners of this Rights, this is why the SA Government, Eskom and People has been asking assistance from Role Players to help and finance Black Owned Emerging and Junior Mining Companies and why MRFC has been established.

MRFC is not fueled and controlled by politics, neither being owned by politics, MRFC and its Group Companies were established in very challenging conditions with one reason, to start a new dawn of professional alternative and custom designed means of financing of Black Owners of DMR Rights and Mining Projects.

Our Vision is to make a contribution to eliminate Exploitation of Black Owners of DMR Rights, eliminate BBBEE Fronting and Warrant true Ownership in terms of Equity and participation of the financial benefits from their Mining Projects, their Hopes and Dreams to become a reality by means of just been given a chance and having faith in their capabilities and future.

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We are proud to be involved as Equity Funding Partners with upcoming Black Owned Junior Mining Companies to develop their Coal Projects in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
~ Frans van Jaarsveld (CEO)