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MRIC has successfully funded through MRFC a Coal Mining Project and opened the Mine in May 2016 where we mine a high grade Metallurgical Coal and we are proud of this ground breaking achievement, photos on our Website is from this Operations.

MRIC made significant investments in Mpumalanga Coal Projects that is currently under development and for some Projects we funded we await our Mining Right and Water Use License approvals, this Coal Projects is adjacent to the new Eskom Kusile Power Station 1645 hectares and adjacent to the Anglo Coal New Largo Project, a Coal Project near Hendrina Power Station and close to the Woestalleen Coal Processing Plant and Blikpan Railway Siding, a Coal Project outside Middelburg in Mpumalanga which is adjacent to the new Glencore Zonnebloem Project also adjacent to the new Anglo Coal Rietvlei Project and bordering the current Mining Operations of Canyon Coal.

MRIC is a Stakeholder in not only the above flagship Coal Projects but also in several other Greenfields in Mpumalanga.

We don’t refer to our Partners as Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Partners and refer to them as our fellow South African Business Partners and support the transformation in terms of actual ownership in all affiliated Entities we own DMR Rights in and exceeds the law requirement of 26% BBBEE by far where our Business Partners own nothing less than 40% up to 60% shares in this Projects and is active members of the Board of Directors of this Entities, and we are proud of being a ground breaking Company with this achievements and base our business models on full Transparency, Participation, Honesty, Integrity and Respect between all Shareholders, Directors and Service Providers we do business with.