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MRFC is a Division of the MRIC Group that act as a Mining Project funding Entity for Mineral Resources Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd (“MRIC”), to develop future and current Coal Projects in Mpumalanga, South Africa in partnership with upcoming Black Owned Junior Miners who own Prospecting Rights and Mining Rights granted and executed with the Department of Mineral Resources commonly known as the DMR.

We don’t partner with upcoming Juniors just to bring their Projects to a certain value stage with the aim to exit and extract value, our objective is to partner and develop that Coal Project up to full Production and remain a Equity Partner in the Project.

Life of Mine Partner bringing through MRFC Financing Mining Projects to full Development Status, that include Infrastructure Development, Construction, Roads, Offices, Dams, Weighbridges, Plant and Equipment, Off-take Agreements a total Turn Key Project to Black Owners of DMR Rights in South Africa.

Black Owners of DMR Prospecting Rights and approved DMR Mining Rights specifically for Coal in Mpumalanga is welcome to contact us with their Projects to allow us to do a Due Diligence on the DMR Rights to determine whether we regard such a Project as a economical mineable Project and approval of the Project Funding.

We don’t fund any other Commodities and Projects anymore neither any Mining Projects outside Mpumalanga, South Africa or outside South Africa.